Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30 hour famine

So, the 30 hour famine was awesome.  For those of you who did not here I did something called the 30 hour famine, we camped in cardboard boxes and fasted for 30 hours.  We started by outing our boxes together, then we had a quiet time to read our bibles and stuff.  We had some free time, and we played games like we did a scavenger hunt, (because people in poverty often have to scavenge for food) we also did his game where we had to go a crossed a pond to get boxes and bring them back (because some times people in other country's have to go a crossed a river or flood water to get medical supply's), we also played hide and seek tag (because in some country's there is lots or violence so people are having to hide a lot).  After all that we had a book study which we have been doing for weeks but this was the last time.  Than we had some worship time, one of the girls brought there guitar for that.  The next morning we did this thing called project 127 which we do every month where we go help elderly people in our church.  After that it was finally time to break the fast.  We had soup, fruit, cheese and crackers.


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