Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday Party

Hi everyone.  I posted about my little brother turning 1 year old, but I did not post about his party.  Well Colton’s birthday was on June 29 and we had a birthday party the next day for him.  I had so much fun making the cake with my mom and sisters.  The cake was a little farm, and it had little cupcake animals.  It was so cute.  After we ate cake Colton opened gifts.  He got clothes, a ball, a bottle, baby spoons, a toy phone, and more stuff.  The party was fun.  He douse not know how to walk yet, but he crawls everywhere, and gets into everything.  He is so cute and he is getting so big. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

How was every ones 4th of July?  Mine was awesome!!

For the 4th of July me and my family went to a party at some friends house.  We brought our fireworks and had all kinds of fun shooting them off.  After that we went and had supper it was really good.  I made a cake to bring.  It was a new recipe and I was not shore if it would be very good, but my dad said it was one of the best cakes he has ever had, and I like it to.  When we were done eating we did just about everything else, water balloons, water guns, and more fireworks.  After that, the city firework show was beginning, It was beautiful.  When it was over we just did everything we were already doing.  (Water balloons, water guns, and more fireworks) soon it was time to go home, it was getting late and every one was tired.